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s that Buddhism does not worship superstition, or the enemy of science. On the contrary, it opposes▓ superstition and stresses "cause and effect". In a▓ddition, Buddhism contains many thoughts of dialect▓ics, and most importantly, it has supported science▓ and technol

ogical development all along. China and Germany have teamed up to promote science and technology. The open▓ing ceremony of the "Sino-Germany Science Education▓ Year" was held in Berlin on Monday. China's Science ▓and Technology Minister

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Wan Gang, vice Education Minster Chen Xiaoya, and Germany's Education and Research minister A▓nnette Schavan were at the ceremony, as well as over 200 r▓epresentatives from Chinese and German universitie?/p> intained clo

坰 and institutes.Wan Gang said global financial crunch means most countries have decided to increase investment in sci▓entific and technological innovation. That provides a▓ good opportunity for the Sino

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-German cooperation. The two ▓countries are optimistic about collaboration in areas such as resources, health technology and environmentally-friendly technology. C


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hina and Germany will jointly conduct research projects, establish laboratories and carry out academic exchanges.Schavan said that ▓Germany regards China as a prom